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Fundamentals of Brewing and Packaging Beer (Member Only)

Syllabus and Learning Material


General Certificate in Brewing (Member Only)

Syllabus and Learning Material


Diploma in Brewing (Member Only)



Learning Material: Module 1 - Materials and Wort

1.1 Barley

1.2 The Malting Process

1.3 Malt Quality and Brewhouse Performance

1.4 Adjuncts and Speciality Malts

1.5 Water

1.6 Hops and Hop Products

1.7 Malt Processing in the Brewery

1.8 Mashing and Wort Separation

1.9 Wort Boiling and Cooling

1.10 Effluent

1.11 Quality

Learning Material: Module 2 - Yeast and Beer

2.1 Yeast Fundamentals

2.2 Basic Yeast Metabolism

2.3 Fermentation

2.4 Yeast in Brewing

2.5 Maturation and Cold Storage

2.6 Beer Clarification

2.7 The Properties of Beer

2.8 Beer Flavour

2.9 Beer Spoilage Organisms

2.10 Quality

Learning Material: Module 3 - Packaging Technology and Process Technology

Packaging Technology

3.1 Packaging Materials

3.2 Unit Packaging Operations

3.3 Sterile Filtration and Pasteurisation

3.4 Packaging Line Design and Performance

3.5 Quality

Packaging and Process Technology

3.6 Process Gases

Process Technology

3.7 Fluid Flow

3.8 Principles of Heat Transfer

3.9 Steam

3.10 Refrigeration

3.11 Materials of Construction

3.12 Process Control and Instrumentation

3.0 SI Units (information only, not examinable)

Process Control Simulations


Master Brewer (Member Only)


Master Brewer 1 - Paper 1 Example

Master Brewer 2 - Paper 1 Example

Master Brewer 3 - Paper 1 Example

Master Brewer 4 - Paper 1 Example


Articles (Recommended Reading for Diploma and Master)

Principles of Hygiene and Beverage Safety (Member Only)

Module 1 - 5

Case Studies

Bamforth Series - A Brewer's Biochemistry

Part 1 - Proteins

Part 2 - Carbohydrates

Part 3 - Lipids

Part 4 - Nucleic Acids

Part 5 - Metabolism

O'Rourke Series - Technical Summary

Part 1 - Colloidal stabilisaiton of beer

Part 2 - The function of wort boiling

Part 3 - The role of oxygen in brewing

Part 4 - Predicting colloidal stability in beer

Part 6 - The process of wort boiling

Part 7 - Getting a head (foam)

Part 8 - The role of pH in brewing

Part 9 - The function of enzymes in brewing

Part 10 - Malt specifications and brewing performance

Part 11 - Hops and hop products

Part 12 - Mash separation systems 

Buttrick Series

Brewhouse project

Beer recovery


Palate matching


Journal of The Institute of Brewing (JIB)

- Yeast

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Developments in brewing and distilling yeast strains
  2. 125th Anniversary Review: Yeast Flocculation and Sedimentation in Brewing
  3. 125th Anniversary Review: Improvement of Higher Gravity Brewery Fermentation via Wort Enrichment and Supplementation
  4. 125th Anniversary Review: Diacetyl and its control during brewery fermentation

 - Water

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Water sources and treatment in brewing

 - Hops

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: The Role of Hops in Brewing
  2. Humulus lupulus - a story that begs to be told. A review

 - Malt

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: The science of the tropical cereals sorghum, maize and rice in relation to lager beer brewing
  2. Common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and its use as a brewing cereal - a review

 - Process

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Some Recent Engineering Advances in Brewing and Distilling
  2. Wort composition and its impact on the flavour-active higher alcohol and ester formation of beer - a review

 - Other

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Microbiological Instability of Beer Caused by Spoilage Bacteria
  2. 125th Anniversary Review: Bacteria in brewing: The good, the bad and the ugly
  3. 125th Anniversary Review: Non-Biological Instability of Beer
  4. 125th Anniversary Review: Advances in analytical methodology in brewing



Blue Book on Yeast

The Barth Report

Environment and Sustainability

Hop Research 

Draught Beer Dispense

Elementary Algebra (OpenStax CNX)

Physics (OpenStax College)

Biology (OpenStax College)

Chemistry (OpenStax College)

The Micriobiology of Malting and Brewing



Brewing: Science and Practice (ISBN-13: 978-1855734906)

Technology Brewing and Malting, 5th Ed. (ISBN-13: 978-3-921690-77-2)

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