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Fundamentals of Distilling (Member Only)

Syllabus and Learning Material


General Certificate in Distilling (Member Only)

Syllabus and Learning Material


Billy Mitchell Series - GCD (Member Only)

Raw Materials

Milling & Mashing (malted)

Milling & Mashing (non-malted)

Yeast & Fermentation

Pot Still

Diploma in Distilling (Member Only)



Learning Material: Module 1 - Materials and fermentable Extract

Module 1A - Raw Materials and Preparation of Cereal Wort

1A.1 Barley

1A.2 Cereals and Enzymes used in Processing Cereals for Grain Whisky and Grain Neutral Spirit

1A.3 Malting

1A.4 Malt Processing in the Distillery

1A.5 Mashing in Malt Whisky Distilleries

1A.6 Cooking and Mashing in Grain Distilleries

1A.7 Water

1A.8 Laboratory Analysis

Molasses Wort Summary

Grape Must Summary

Module 1B - Preparation of Molasses Wort

1B.1 Sugar Sources

1B.2 Processing of Molasses to Wort

1B.3 Laboratory Analysis

Grape Must Summary

Cereal Wort Summary

Chapter 29 Rum – the commercial and technical aspects (WDSC 2002)

Chapter 23 From sugar to rum - the technology of rum making (WDSC 2005)

Chapter 28 The microbiology and biotechnology of rum production (WDSC 2008)

Module 1C - Preparation of Grape Must

1C.1 Structure and Morphology of Grapes

1C.2 Growth Factors and Biochemical Changes in the Maturation of Grapes

1C.3 Harvesting

1C.4 Destemming/Destalking and Pressing

1C.5 Treatment and Composition of Must

1C.6 Pitching of Yeast/Spontaneous Fermentation

1C.7 Laboratory Analysis 

Learning Material: Module 2 - Fermentation, Distillation and Maturation

2.1 Properties of Yeast

2.2 Yeast Metabolism

2.3 Fermentation

2.4 Hygiene

2.5 Pot Distillation

2.6 Continuous Distillation

2.7 Post-distillation Modification of Flavour

2.8 Quality

Learning Material: Module 3 - Process Technology

3.1 Distillation

3.2 Heat Transfer

3.3 Energy

3.4 Effluents and Co-products

3.5 Fluid Flow

3.6 Materials of Construction

3.7 Instrumentation and Process Control

3.8 Packaging Processes

3.9 Health and Safety

3.0 SI Units (information only, not examinable)

Process Control Simulations


Master Distiller


Articles (Recommended Reading for Diploma and Master)

Journal of The Institute of Brewing (JIB)

- Yeast

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Developments in brewing and distilling yeast strains

- Malt

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Barley research in realtion to Scotch whisky production: a journey to new frontiers
  2. A review of malting and malt processing for whisky distillation

- Process

  1. 125th Anniversary Review: Some Recent Engineering Advances in Brewing and Distilling

- Other

  1. Origins of Flavour in Whiskies and a Revised Flavour Wheel: A Review



Distillation Technology and Modelling Techniques - Part 1     (Member Only)

Distillation Technology and Modelling Techniques - Part 2     (Member Only)

Distillation Technology and Modelling Techniques - Part 3     (Member Only)

Blue Book on Yeast

Elementary Algebra (OpenStax CNX)

Physics (OpenStax College)

Biology (OpenStax College)

Chemistry (OpenStax College)

Environment and Sustainability

World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference 2002     (Member Only)

World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference 2005     (Member Only)

World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference 2008     (Member Only)

World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference 2011     (Member Only)

World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014     (Member Only)



Whisky: Techology, Production and Marketing, 2nd Ed. (ISBN-13: 978-0124017351)

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